Stay Fit With Personal Training

One of the most proven ways to achieve results, stay motivated and warm when the weather turns chilly is with the help of a Personal Trainer. A Personal Trainer can help you to:

  • Get results faster
  • Save time
  • Know where to start
  • Train safely
  • Teach you new exercises
  • Stay motivated
  • Challenge your limits & push boundaries
  • Train for a specific sport or event

Every new membership at Connect Fitness includes a FREE Fitness Program valued at $200. During the program you will attend 5 sessions with a Personal trainer, who will help you establish meaningful benchmarks, coach and supervise you on each exercise in your specialised program. Our Personal Trainers will also follow up to see how you are progressing on your exercise program and help workout strategies to move you towards achieving your desired results.

By attending Connect Fitness for thirty minutes three times a week you are Guaranteed Results in 30 days or your money back*

Many of our members have seen incredible results from our Fitness Program. Elaine, a recent graduate of the program said “I have increased my strength, increased my flexibility and have a better attitude towards exercising”

*Some conditions apply


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