Indoor Cycling Benefits

Stay out of the cold weather and achieve your health and fitness goals indoor cycling.

Indoor cycling is a popular exercise performed indoors on a stationary bike in a class led by a certified spinning instructor to music. During the class your instructor will take you on a ride through hills and flat roads. You set your own pace and resistance, meaning your workout is as hard as you make it.

There are several benefits to add indoor cycling to your workout routine:

  • Improving cardiovascular health – indoor cycling has similar benefits to jogging and running and is a good alternative if you have limitations to weight bearing exercises.
  • Burn a high amount of calories – Regular indoor cycling classes will lead to decrease of body fat and increase of muscular strength.
  • Stress relief – indoor cycling can relieve you of stress by increasing endorphins while having fun.
  • Performance improvements – indoor cycling can be included in a specific training program to improve speed, endurance, leg strength and power.

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